SORA: The First Blockchain Monetary System

SORA is an adaptive, non-debt-based monetary framework built to enable economic monetary stability for financially vulnerable countries.

Creating a New Supranational Economic SystemBokolo Cash  Solomon Islands CBDC PoC with SORA  Creating a New Supranational Economic SystemBokolo Cash  Solomon Islands CBDC PoC with SORA  Creating a New Supranational Economic SystemBokolo Cash  Solomon Islands CBDC PoC with SORA 

Democratic On-Chain Governance, Policy and Monetary Advantages

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Monetary Stability

SORA's economic system leverages a token bonding curve to manage currency supply expertly, ensuring exceptional monetary stability and fostering its use for productive purposes.

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Economic Growth

Based on empirical research, the economic model follows key principles that promote sustainable growth. It ensures that the issuance of money responds to actual economic demand, prevents arbitrary spending, and supports a healthy financial environment.

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Forward Guidance

SORA ensures market confidence by sending clear signals about liquidity and price trends. With the transparent mathematics behind the token bonding curve governing XOR issuance, market participants can access buy-price and sell-price data to make well-informed decisions.

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Adoptive Economics

Nations can adopt the XOR by appointing a dedicated liaison to collaborate with the SORA community and forming an expert committee to optimize XOR allocation, countries can ensure a seamless integration process.

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How SORA works

The SORA ecosystem empowers countries to finance projects using an open governance model, promoting transparency and inclusivity. Integrating XOR into domestic economies supports productive investments, driving nominal GDP growth and fostering economic development.

Adopting a Traditional Cryptocurrency

  • Restricted Potential for Supply Expansion

    Many cryptocurrencies cannot allocate newly minted tokens for productive purposes, as they operate similarly to businesses. Token allocation is usually predefined, with a fixed supply, and primarily held by initial developers or investors (Venture Capital, etc).

  • The lack of Open Governance and Productive Use

    Traditional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum lack open governance driven by the community. Instead, a development team is responsible for deciding on protocol updates, and there is no provision for allocating tokens toward productive use with open governance.

  • Shortcomings of Supporting Economic Growth

    Traditional cryptocurrencies need help in promoting economic growth, as they cannot issue coins according to actual economic demands, prevent arbitrary supply changes, or establish a system for effective forward guidance.

SORA Economic-Enabled Adoption

  • XOR Allocation for Funding Proposals

    Countries aiming to finance productive projects can propose to SORA governance, allocating XOR from a specific fund.

  • Open Governance Process: Democratizing Decision-making

    The XOR ecosystem adopts an open governance model, promoting transparency and inclusivity in decision-making for funding proposals and other vital matters. This allows democratic governments to actively shape the XOR ecosystem's growth and direction while preserving their sovereignty.

  • Integrating XOR into Domestic Economies for Nominal GDP Growth

    By allowing countries to utilize XOR to fund productive investments, XOR can be assimilated into domestic economies, boosting nominal GDP growth. The XOR ecosystem supports financing infrastructure projects, research and development efforts, and other vital investments, fostering economic growth and development, and it can also be used to make and receive payments.

Technology Engineered for Growth

Redefining Financial Frontiers Integrating DeFi, TradFi, and Synthetic Asset Solutions on the SORA Network



The Full Potential of DeFi Through Seamless Asset Swaps and Token Creation

Polkaswap is a cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) on the SORA network, enabling smooth and secure trades across various blockchain tokens without a central intermediary. Your streamlined path to the forefront of cross-chain/cross-economy digital asset trading.

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Bridging Decentralized Finance with Real-World Transactions

SORA Card is a neo-banking solution offering an IBAN and debit card, seamlessly interoperable with decentralized finance, all in one place.

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First Substrate/Polkadot-based CBDC on SORA network

The SORA network is part of the groundbreaking proof-of-concept for the Bokolo Cash CBDC by the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI).

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Synthetic Assets

Synthetic Assets

Experience Global Markets with SORA Synthetic Assets

SORA Synthetic Assets offers a dynamic platform for investors and traders seeking to explore diversified investment avenues mirroring real-world assets, providing unmatched financial flexibility.

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