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Swap Tokens

Buy and sell tokens seamlessly. Polkaswap uses an advanced swap algorithm for the best price options*.

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Earn Rewards

Earn rewards for Liquidity Provision, Strategic Rewards (Farming), SORA network Validating (Staking), and more! You can also farm your LP, including Single-Sided LP, via Demeter Farming, all built directly into the Polkaswap UI, for even more rewards.

Exchange Assets Across Chains icon

Exchange Assets Across Chains

Bridge to and from Ethereum, Polkadot, Kusama, and more networks to come! We are building more bridges between SORA and major EVM networks and constantly opening HRMP channels to more Polkadot and Kusama parachains.

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Access a fully decentralized on-chain order book. Trade instantly using market orders, set precise trades with limit orders, and view real-time market depths and updates.

Debit Card, IBAN, Fiat-to-crypto Exchange icon

Debit Card, IBAN, Fiat-to-crypto Exchange

Sign-Up and manage the ultimate all-in-one self-custodial crypto, IBAN, and neo-banking-inspired solution, SORA Card, is part of Polkaswap.

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Refer Friends and Earn

Enjoying Polkaswap? Invite friends to join Polkaswap and earn a generous 10% share from their transaction fees.

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Why Polkaswap

Affordable Fees

Enjoy trading at just cents per transaction.

Boundless Liquidity

Polkaswap combines multiple liquidity sources under a common liquidity aggregation algorithm, operating completely on-chain, trustless, and decentralized.*

Lightning Fast

Polkaswap provides lightning-fast trading by harnessing the power of the SORA blockchain and eliminating intermediaries.


Polkaswap is an open-source project. Anyone can add more liquidity sources by making contributions to the Polkaswap codebase. Additionally, anyone can request token whitelisting to trade across blockchains!

Truly Decentralized

Polkaswap is truly decentralized (no gimmicks). No middlemen, no middleware, no central point of failure.


Earn from liquidity provision, strategic rewards, referral programs, and more.
Hand holding a phone with SORA wallet appHand holding a phone with Fearless wallet app

Polkaswap on the Go

You can also swap and pool with style and freedom from the palm of your hand via the SORA Wallet and Fearless Wallet apps!

SORA Wallet

Fearless Wallet

Polkaswap is built on the SORA network, focusing on interoperability to connect blockchains, regardless of their ecosystem.

*Currently, the market algorithms available in Polkaswap are XYK (smart liquidity), TBC (linked to the SORA Token Bonding Curve providing reserve assets), and soon Aggregate Liquidity Technology (stay tuned for more news).

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