Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sora economy
Sora main goals are to empower Project by Users collaboration and democratization. Projects are created and published in Sora, and Users have an opportunity to vote for these Projects, using Votes, which they are receiving daily according to their Reputation. Users are rewarded for voting with XOR, and when Projects are fulfilled they would contribute to Sora DAE by providing services with XOR to their end users or by donating part of their income to XOR.

Q1: What are votes?
A: Votes are used to fulfill Sora Projects. Each day you will receive votes by daily votes distribution. Votes amount is depending on yours reputation.

Q2: What is reputation?
A: Reputation is based on yours activity and how many friends you are inviting to Sora. Invite more friends and vote for more projects to get higher reputation!

Q3: What is voting reward?
A: When project will be fulfilled with the required amount of votes, you will receive reward in XOR tokens based on yours participation in voting.