The Sora Decentralized Economy is helping projects such as Noir develop community and acquire resources to bring their products
and innovations to the world.

Project Proposals
At the core of any economic system are people creating goods and services. We are looking for people and real companies who can execute.

After project proposals have been submitted, they appear on the Sora App where community members can learn more about them.

Producers propose projects, which are voted on by the users. If the vote passes, then new XOR tokens are minted and allocated to the producers, who then create new goods and services, some of which can be consumed by the users, creating a sustainable economic system.

All users within Sora are awarded voting rights based on their reputation, enabling them to decide how new XOR are created (and receiving some newly created XOR for themselves).
The Sora Ecosystem
In Sora, we're all about collaboration, where there is both profit incentive and incentives to work together as a group for the benefit of the whole.

Through, empowerment, democratization, and collaboration, we can create a cooperative decentralized economic system that is transparent, mutually beneficial, and inspires growth.

Sora is focused on empowering projects that benefit society by delivering new goods and services. Do you have a project to submit to Sora?

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