One World. One Economy. Sora.

Sora means sky in Japanese. Just as the sky covers the world, we want to empower Creatives and Entrepreneurs through a decentralized, worldwide economy.
About Us
Centralized control of economies presents a profound temptation to benefit only a small group of people, at the expense of sustainable development.

We believe that economies should be decentralized, yet rational. The Sora Decentralized Autonomous Economy (DAE) is the world's first decentralized economy, where everyone participates to create the best world together.

Soramitsu, founded by Makoto Takemiya and Ryu Okada, is building Sora with the aim to create a new type of economic system to improve the efficiency of society.
"Let's create a new society around empowerment, democratization, and collaboration."
-Makoto Takemiya, CEO of Soramitsu
How the Sora Ecosystem Works
Project producers build products and services in the Sora Economy.
Sora users vote on which projects should be allocated newly created tokens.
Everyone benefits when new tokens are created for the best uses. The community collaborates on choosing the best projects and most skilled teams to produce them.
Academic papers about Sora
Sora Identity: Secure, Digital Identity on the Blockchain
Sora: A Decentralized Autonomous Economy
The Sora App
We are pleased to announce the new Sora App, the next step in creating the Sora Ecosystem, the first decentralized autonomous economy that works for all.

Within the Sora App, users can send and receive Sora XOR tokens as well as stay up to date on all the latest Sora activities.

App users can also build reputation points and earn XOR tokens by voting on projects added to Sora by producers, and decide which projects should be funded.

The more you vote and invite others to the app, the more reputation points and XOR tokens you earn.
Download the SORA Mainnet App and then join the
SORA Invitation Code Telegram chat and request an invitation code.
Meet our Core Team
We are building Sora to create a new type of economic system to improve the efficiency of society and create a better world.
CEO | Blockchain Engineer

Makoto Takemiya is the CEO and Co-Founder of Soramitsu. Before founding Soramitsu, he worked as a research engineer at ATR's Department of Neuroinformatics. Additionally, he has helped on other blockchain projects in the past.
Co-Founder | Chairman

Ryu Okada is a Co-Founder and Chairman of Soramitsu. He worked as a Consultant at Deloitte, was a Founder of an e-commerce startup and financial consulting company, and holds a Japan CPA license.
SORA Director

Kazumasa Miyazawa is the creator of Edy electronic money and former board member of Rakuten Edy.
SORA Director

Tsukasa Ojima is the former Vice President of Sanwa Bank California and a former Nomura Securities Executive.
Masayuki Shimura
Sora Independent Advisor

Masayuki Shimura is CEO of Shimura&Partners, director of BASE Inc. and the former Senior Managing Director of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.
Hyperledger Iroha
Hyperledger Iroha is a next-generation permissioned blockchain platform, aimed at helping businesses and financial institutions manage digital assets. Soramitsu was the original developer of Hyperledger Iroha and contributed it to the Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Project. Hyperledger Iroha is written in C++, making it ideal for use cases where high performance and reliability are needed, or for embedded systems.

Soramitsu uses Hyperledger Iroha to create services for users, including mobile applications for managing digital assets, identity, and contracts. Through our use of Hyperledger Iroha, we hope to contribute to a safer and more efficient society.

Hyperledger Iroha has intrinsic support for identity management. Each user in the system has a uniquely identified account with personal information, and each transaction is signed and associated with a certain user. This makes Hyperledger Iroha perfect for various application with KYC (Know Your Customer) features.
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Sora is focused on empowering projects that benefit society by delivering new goods and services.

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